Present Graduate Students


  • Bryan Pawlina
      - magnetic shape control of large space structures
  • Susan Redmond (co-supervised with Prof. Barth Netterfield)
      - Thermal Design for the Balloon-Borne Imaging Testbed


  • Hao Mei (joint doctoral placment with Shanghai Jiao Tong U.)
      - Hybrid Removal of Geostationary Satellites Using Solar Sails and Thrusters
  • Armen Meras
      - Solar Sail Trajectory Optimization
  • Behrad Vatankhahghadim
      - Solar Sail Deployment Dynamics
  • Sanjeev Narayanaswamy
      - Comparison of Methods for Spacecraft Trajectory Optimization
  • Esmaeil Sharifi
      - Nonlinear Hybrid Optimal Control

Visiting Students

  • Xiaoyu Lang
      - Communication Satellite Servicing Using Microsatellites
  • Yuhang Jiang (joint doctoral placement with Shanghai Jiao Tong U.)
      - Collision Avoidance for UAVs

Last updated June 15, 2018.