Computational Science and Engineering Discussion Group Launched

The Computational Science and Engineering Discussion Group has been officially launched. A special thanks to Professor D.W. Zingg at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) for taking the initiative to found the group. The group plans to organize multilpe events throughout the academic year, ranging from talks from invited speakers to student seminars to High Performance Computing (HPC) workshops. Events will be open to all University of Toronto faculty members and graduate students, and will be primarily organized by a student committee. The aim of the group is eventually to receive approval as an official Centre.


Computational science has become an important scientific tool. Many systems of practical interest are simply either too large or too complex to solver with either analytical or empirical techniques. The Computational Science and Engineering Discussion Group at the University of Toronto was founded in recognition of the numerous signicant efforts occurring across multiple faculties at the University of Toronto to study real world and fundamental problems of interest.

The benefits of bringing together the individuals using computational techniques in their research are numerous. Despite a wide range of application for computational techniques, there is a recognition that many common elements exist in all computational fields, including iterative methods for large sparse linear systems, algorithms for the solution of commonly encountered differential equations, optimization algorithms and software implementation. The ultimate purpose of the group is to provide a pooling of computational knowledge for the benefit of all engaged in computational research at the University of Toronto.