bulletDr. Anton de Ruiter, Ph.D. 2005 - Canadian Space Agency
bulletHenry Tam, M.A.Sc. 2005  - Honeywell Engine & Systems
bulletTom Turk, M.A.Sc. 2003 - Canadian Forces


bulletBardia Bina, M.A.Sc. 2003 - MDA
bulletJoseph Lan, M.A.Sc. (Research Associate 2002-03)
bulletDavid Harman, M.A.Sc. 2002 - Honeywell Engine & Systems

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Undergraduate/Summer/Special Students

bulletJ. Grzymisch, Engineering Science (Aero) (Summer 2005)
bulletH. Berndt, University of Stuttgart, Germany (Intern 2005)
bulletN. Nimalarasa, Engineering Science (Aero) (Fall 2004)
bulletMatt Lederle, Engineering Science (Aero) (Summer 2004)
bulletNan Zhang, Engineering Science (Aero) (Summer 2004)
bulletAndrew Lam, Engineering Science (Aero) (Spring 2004)
bulletKai James, Engineering Science (Aero) (Spring 2004)
bulletLei Dai, Engineering Science (Aero) (Fall 2003)
bulletFrank Brandel, University of Stuttgart, Germany (Intern 2003)
bulletAmy Bilton, Engineering Science (Aero) (Summer 2003)
bulletJohnny Virk, B.A.Sc (summer 2002) - Ph.D. Candidate, Physics, UofT
bulletFranklin Sham, Engineering Science (Aero) (Fall 2003, Summer 2001) - HK Aircraft Engineering Co.



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