Flow Control and Experimental Turbulence


My research lies in the field of turbulence and aerodynamics, primarily from an experimental perspective. I am particularly interested in the study of transitional and turbulent flows, as well as the flow structures and instabilities associated with these phenomena. The focus of my research group is to investigate the fundamental dynamics of fluid flows and how these can be manipulated to improve flow characteristics based on specific problems. For example, the goal might be reducing in skin-friction drag, decreasing noise emission, or enhancing mixing.

The overarching aim is to develop novel flow control strategies along with the instrumentation and tools required to implement passive and active control techniques in an experimental framework and real life applications, such as on the surface of an aircraft.

Present and past sponsors of my research include NSERC, CFI, ORF, NSF, Bombardier Aerospace, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Brican, Anemoi Technologies and Molson Foundation.

Professional Experience

2013-present Associate Professor, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, Canada. 2008-2013 Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, Canada. 2006–2008 Research Associate, Department Aeronautics, Imperial College London, UK.


PhD, University of Newcastle, Australia
MSc Eng, Queen’s University, Canada
BSc Eng, Queen’s University, Canada