AER1301: Kinetic Theory of Gases

AER1301: Kinetic Theory of Gases

Instructor: Professor C. P. T. Groth
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS)
Phone: (416) 667-7715
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Course Description

Introductory discussion of significant length dimensions; different flow regimes, continuum, transition, collision-free; brief history of gas kinetic theory. Equilibrium kinetic theory; the particle distribution function; Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. Collision dynamics; collision frequency and mean free path. Elementary transport theory; transport coefficients; mean free path method. Boltzmann equation; derivation; Boltzmann H-theorem; collision operators. Generalized transport theory; Maxwell's equations of change; approximate solution techniques, Chapman-Enskog perturbative and Grad series expansion methods; moment closures; derivation of the Euler and Navier-Stokes equations; higher-order closures. Free molecular aerodynamics. Shock waves.


Gaskinetic Theory, by T. I. Gombosi, Cambridge University Press, 1994.


Mondays, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, UTIAS Lecture Hall, September 10 - December 17, 2018.


There will be four assignments:

  1. Assignment #1: Due: Monday, October 15, 2018.

  2. Assignment #2: Due: Monday, November 12, 2018.

  3. Assignment #3: Due: Monday, December 3, 2018.

  4. Assignment #4: Due: Friday, December 14, 2018.


The final grade is a composite of the following weighted items:

  1. 60% for the four assignments; and

  2. 40% for a final exam (3 hrs, December 17, 2018).