Passive Control of Flow past Slender Structures

Long slender bodies, under the effect of wind or ocean flow, can experience periodic loads as well as severe structural vibration as a result of regular shedding of vortices. A wide variety of engineering structures, such as risers bringing oil or gas from the seabed in offshore engineering, tall buildings and tovers in civil engineering, heat exchanger tubes in nuclear engineering, and aircraft control surfaces in aircraft engineering can experience flow-induced vibration and large loads as a potential threat for their fatigue life and integrity.

The focus of our investigation is to explore how flow past slender structures can be manipulated to battle against the challenging consequences of flow-structure interactions. More specifically, the aim is to alleviate the flow-induced loads and structural vibrations. To this end, we investigate flow control through various geometric forms of surface protrusions, such as, straight and helical surface protrusions, etc.

For further details on the project, interested fellows can check the following two journal publications: [Link to Journal_1], [Link to Journal_2].